Mo’Rockin Hosts : The “15 Min Fix” Series (Vol. 1-26)

So, what is “The 15 Min Fix”?!

The concept is simple. All mixes are 15 minutes long, and showcase a different artist for every mix!! Mo’Rockin hosts this new mix series and challenges all artists involved to bring the heat and throw down their best!!

Volume 1- MO’ROCKIN
This is a set crossing many genres in the 125 BPM range and builds from a chill psychedelic vibe to straight up dance floor bangers!

15 Min Fix - Mo'Rockin (924)

Volume 2- BOTS
Deep House vibes from this 23 year old bass music producer/dj, born in the midwest and based in the rocky mountains. BOTS relocated to the mountains after 5 years of mentoring under Madison Wisconsin’s most respected Ableton Certified Trainers/Teachers, Wyatt Agard. Check the sounds!!

15 Min Fix- Bots (892)

Volume 3- COASTIN’
This team comprised of Beschloo and Mo:Rockin has been digging through all the best in Nu Disco and Deep House to put together energetic and eclectic mixes. They have put together a smooth set full of groovy low tempo beats and grinding synths. This mix is sure to leave you wanting more.

15 Min Fix- Coastin' (946)

Deep Dub vibes – that’s what CIVILIANSOUND! is all about, pure and simple. Don’t sleep on the EXCLUSIVE 1st play of the “Mecca VIP”- some serious Dubplate business forthcoming from this budding producer.

15 Min Fix- CIVILIANSOUND! (882)

Volume 5- DATA TW!TCH
Turning up the energy for this one with some epic, bass heavy EDM. Take the trip with TW!TCH as we travel through some of today’s hottest tracks that are rockin dance floors across the world.

15 Min Fix - DataTwitch (889)

With the intention of creating something completely different, Huxxtable has pulled songs from some of his most powerful and emotional moments of summer.

15 Min Fix-Teddy Huxxtable (881)

ALL THINGS FREE, even the water!!! Trap anthems have been heard ringing throughout festival tents all summer long – within this 15min fix FreeWater seamlessly blends his favorite bass heavy tunes from the past and future. TURN UP!!!

15 Min Fix- FreeWater (880)

Volume 8- LUMIDIUM
A sonic journey to a realm beyond. Dive into the squishyfunkgypsynoodledom. Lumidium, the element of lumination, is a rare mineral found deep within the earth’s core.
15 Min Fix- Lumidium (867)

A heavy mix of Trap, Drumstep and DnB packed full of tunes that will rattle your brain and move your feet. From the very start, DIRTY DEEDS has burst onto the scene performing at large scaled Bass-Fueled events around the United States.
15 Min Fix- Dirty Deeds (864)

Billy Love (aka ThuMpeR) makes this week’s fix an exploration into the downtempo/eastern influence/intelligent/scientific side of sound & vibration. His style reflects his deep-rooted love for music; generating compilations of unique samples and sounds ranging from bass wobbles, lasers, flutes, sitars, and organic percussion, to psybient, tribal, trip-hop, glitch-hop, and psychedelic melodies.
15 Min Fix- Loveautivity (878)

Volume 11- MO’ROCKIN (Round 2)
DJ Mo:Rockin brings a heavy dose of bass in his second shot at The 15 Min Fix. He will be providing a refreshing taste of his favorite genres with every 10 volumes. This set features an eclectic mix of bass heavy music and a tribute to the late Walter White. R.I.P. Breaking Bad.
15 Min Fix- Mo'Rockin (#2) (871)

Colorado bass music pioneers-Proper Motion were created to take that which we love most about music and reawaken it with the ever-expanding possibilities of EDM. With a vibrant foundation in the passionate sounds of classic soul, producers Noah Marion and Harrison Watkins have ventured to create a sound that is both cutting-edge and nostalgic.
Listen Here:

Volume 13- BESCHLOO
This mix features funky Nu Disco tunes from deep down in the basement of the “House”. Look for Beschloo as he makes his move from high in the rocky mountains of colorado to the sunny coast of Cali!
15 Min Fix- Beschloo (842)

The Mission: Through the use of heavy, uptempo, obnoxious bass-spread love and positive vibrations through booties shaking, bodies wobbling, and ecstatic movement. Make.Booties.Clap.
15 Min Fix- Twerk du Soleil (821)

Volume 15- AndDrop!
Los Angeles based production team AndDrop! featuring an extra minute with an exclusive unreleased tune! After holding a residency in Cape Town, South Africa at the historic Assembly, AndDrop! returned to the Bay Area to finish up their degrees at UC Berkeley. In January 2013, their debut EP ‘Boogaloo’ broke onto the Top 100 Beatport charts at #1 across all genres-holding down the spot for well over a week, and remained on the Electro House charts until May.
15 Min Fix- AndDrop! (890)

Volume 16- OMEGA
This week features a heavy mix of deep, dark Dubstep and DnB from Denver based music producer and DJ, Omega. His tunes blend the most raw and aggressive aspects of bass music – snarling synth sounds and organ churning sub-bass – with a careful attention to sound design and elegant use of melody, creating a sound that is at once primal, beautiful, and psychedelic.
15 Min Fix- Omega (859)

Divine Elements are no strangers to the land of EDM. With roots dating back to their inception in 2003, they have journeyed across various styles throughout the years. From the experimental, grass roots sound of their freshman LP “Defining Moment” in 2006 to their hard-hitting Dubstep, Electro and Drum & Bass dancefloor releases of 2013, the collective shows us just how versatile they can be.
15 Min Fix- Divine Elements (852)

In the spirit of the holidays, Steffi wishes to give thanks and honor some of the timeless house tracks that have never failed us. We dedicate our 15 minute fix to those records that never leave the arsenal year after year and remain dance floor weapons to this day. Please enjoy some of our favorite tunes with some classic movie lines sprinkled throughout.
15 Min Fix- Steffi Graff (840)

Always having a strong affection for hip-hop, Wicked Awesome uses this as a base for his productions. Being strongly influenced by Colorado Glitch-Hop and UK future bass, he continues to explore connections between genres and how to make people dance.
15 Min Fix- Wicked Awesome (839)

Volume 20- SEX PANTHER
International superdj’s Sex Panther put together a massive mix of some of their favorite tunes and a brand new original for Vol 20 of the fix.
15 Min Fix- Sex Panther (827)

Volume 21- MO ROCKIN (Round 3)
In Mo:Rockins 3rd appearance on The 15 Min Fix he put together a hard hitting selection of heavyweight bass tracks full of quick mixing and double drops that will make you want to do the conga, or some shit like that. As the Curator of the 15 Min Fix, Mo will be providing his selection every 10 weeks.
15 Min Fix- Mo Rockin (Rd 3) (818)

Volume 22- COSMIC KIDS
Ron Poznansky and Daniel Terndrup met in a high school classroom specially designed for kids who have trouble paying attention to boring stuff and soon parlayed their overactive minds into making music, drawing inspiration from post punk, house, funk and the vast cosmos. Their remix roll-call includes Holy Ghost!, The Rapture, Local Natives, Poolside, and Classixx.
15 Min Fix- Cosmic Kids (823)

What can be said about Hans Bitburger that can’t be used to describe a beautiful sunset or an erupting volcano. His musical works have been hailed as magical techno-parades leaving trails of discarded lingerie in their wake. Be sure to enjoy this sexual tour de force both on and off the decks as you ride with him in his auto. Strap in tight and prepared to let your sausage sizzle, because no one makes it hot like Hans Bitburger.
15 Min Fix- Hans BitBurger (897)

Emre Senol, known to electronic music fans as room4space, Emre began experimenting with electronic music and started producing his own sunset inspired music with tropical nu disco vibes,sweet vocals with funky baselines.
15 Min Fix - Room4Space (820)

VOLUME 25- JohnE
John Evan Pinto (aka JohnE) brings in a high energy mix that will keep your head banging the entire set. TURN IT UP and enjoy.
15 Min Fix - JohnE (834)

Kris Edland aka kLL sMTH’s sole mission in life is to keep your ears listening, your brain thinking, your hearts radiating, and most of all, your booty shakin! In this tripped out glitchy mix, kLL sMTH features a handful of unique originals and exclusives. Step out of the norm and lose control to these space beats.
15 Min Fix - kLL sMTH (868)

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