AUDIO: https://bit.ly/3NA27XE
VIDEO: https://bit.ly/39TYygq

HNNY – Memory Tape Two (Self Released)
Anomalie – Part 1-Ouverture (Self Released)
Subtle Mind – Loner’s Peace (Self Released)
Traces – Kamu (Self Released)
Om Unit – Intro (Self Released)
Machinedrum – Idea 36 (ft. Chrome Sparks) (Self Released)
Dillard – Afterlife (Self Released)
Controlled Kaos – Sejaiku (Dank n Dirty)
Drumterror – The Tide That Washed Everything Away (Self Released)
Rareman – Shibuya Nightz (Juan Forte)
Chief Kaya – Thoughts of You (Heavy Traffic Recordings)
Demure – Velezansi (Dank n Dirty)
Breez – Damselfly (Self Released)
The Maker – Denied at the Gates (Next Level Dubstep)
Panix – Vibration (Low End Music)
Saule – Lean Out (Self Released)
Kercha – Jazz Symptoms (DNO Records)
Chief Kaya – Gold Soul (Heavy Traffic Recordings)
Deep Dark & Dangerous – Mario Dub (Ltd. White Label)
The Maker & Rider Shafique – Abyss (Self Released)
Die By The Sword – Resurrection (Self Released)
Saanen – Rukkus (786 Recordings)
Arkham Sound – Mercy (Sub Audio Records)
Somah – Meek Dub (Foundation Audio)
Cartridge – Control (Self Released)
Vibe Emissions – Death Sentence (Self Released)
Kwizma – Jump Rope (Self Released)
Spacejail – Ruckus (Next Level Dubstep)
Myth – LSD (DUB)
Panix & Dunman – Who You Are (Ekula Remix) (Dub)
Bukez Finezt – Turning Up The Boom (Self Released)
Silkie – Leave It (Deep Medi)
Kromestar – Another Day (Deep Heads)

*Broadcast LIVE on EMP RADIO – DEMO DERBY #028 on 04.03.21*


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