Version Collective Label Mix #004 [MIX]

It has been a quiet few months here with the Version Collective mix series but we’re coming back in with a fresh mix from Civiliansound!, featuring a solid selection along side plenty of VC unreleased material and forthcomings.

Civiliansound! has a few tracks released with us via our compilations which you can purchase directly from our Bandcamp –


Modi Bardo – Memories That Haunt Me (Version Collective)
Westside Connection – Bow Down (Sub Mind Bootleg) (Audio Animals)
Hebbe – Early Underground (VC)
Brightwing – Darkness Falls (VC)
Mr. K – Spook Dub (VC)
Trashbat – Hail (VC DUB)
EshOne – Double Haul (Gourmet Beats)
Wraz – Darkness (VC DUB)
Trashbat – Tell Me Nuffin (VC DUB)
Wraz – Arcane (VC DUB)
Drew’s Theory – Nonsense & Knowledge (VC)
JFO – Retro (VC DUB)
Sweepa – Clear as Mud (VC)
Trashbat – Delusions (VC)
Mr. K – Lion (VC)
Recluse – Rastaman Seen (Melle Rmx) (VCV002)
Saule – S90 (FKOF)
ARtroniks – Dub Cut (VC)
Fill Spectre – General Masta (Gourmet Beats)
Fill Spectre – General Masta (Disko-Nekt Rmx) (Gourmet Beats)
Somejerk – Shadows (VC)
Arta – Certified (VC)
Melle – The Waiting Man (VC)
Bukez Finezt – False Friends (FKOF)
Cimm & Youngsta – Split Minds (Tempa)
JFO – Slow Jam Dub (VC DUB)
Cimm & Youngsta – Redshift (Tempa)
JFO – Drunk Dub (VC DUB) x
Breakage – Hardcore Music x
Mz. Bratt – Selecta (Acapella)

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