Dubs Alive :: ‘Chilled Roots Vol. 1′ (Compilation)

Dubs Alive Records presents: ‘Chilled Roots Vol. 1′!!
In the continued spirit of curating diverse musical compilations, Dubs Alive has this time focused on a beautiful new collection of it’s most chilled out beats. Chill Roots Volume 1 reaches back through some of the label’s earliest releases for the most relaxing, sensual and psychedelic sounds that have permeated the catalogue. The tunes are filled with rich textures of deep pads and melodic elements that whisper subtly to the conscious listener, while at the same time carry massive sub-bass weight and soundsystem impact. Like waves of velvet and luscious lavender, the music sings a soothing song of meditation. Electric depth and sexual overtones are blended together by the multitude of wonderfully talented voices whose diversity and bold exploration of modern Dub influenced music continues to define Dubs Alive. Sit back with your lover and turn the lights down, it’s time to vibe out with Chill Roots.


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